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For many of us, summer time is represented not only by children playing in the pool and enjoying a summer break, but sitting back with a nice cold glass of lemonade. Even today, children open booths, selling lemonade on their local street, having their very first business experience. When it comes to good lemonade however, there is only one brand of lemonade sold in a can or in powder that is trusted by most families not only in the United States, but around the world. That brand of lemonade is Country Time.

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Keep this in the house for the kids. Coupons were better than what I find at other sites.
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Coupons were alright. Had trouble printing them.

Unlike some other brands, Country Time lemonade is not that old, but uses a recipe that has been loved for generations, just like Arizona Iced Tea. The first powdered Country Time lemonade appeared in 1976. This popular lemonade used Grandpa as a spokesperson, showing everyone that this country lemonade is truly what has been used for generations. Since this lemonade is a good alternative to soda and is quick to prepare, many families love it and this powdered lemonade quickly became a staple in nearly every household in the United States. Before long, this great lemonade was even making its way to Canada and different parts of Europe.

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Online Country Time Coupons

What makes Country Time lemonade so amazing is its great taste. Every flavor of Country Time lemonade is made using natural flavors and is taste-tested to perfection. Unlike other beverages on the market, Country time takes a great deal of pride in the fact that its beverages use the same age old recipes enjoyed for generations, and can bring a family together over a pitcher each summer. This great lemonade is also sold in nearly every grocery store in the United States, making it accessible for lemonade stands and any family who is looking for a great beverage that a child of any age can make themselves.

Like nearly every beverage, there are a variety of different Country Time flavors that are currently on the market. The most popular right now are their traditional lemonade and pink lemonade flavors. These flavors have been around since the beginning of Country Time and are loved by every family. As well, there are also ‘lite’ versions that use artificial sweeteners, even allowing diabetics to enjoy this great lemonade without fear of any medical repercussions. In some areas, you may even find Country Time in a variety of different berry and tea flavors.

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