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Throughout the Southern part of the United States, there are some southern items that are viewed to just be part of the culture. When it comes to soft drinks, things are no different, since many people view RC Cola to be the soda of the south, a less expensive soda that is sold in nearly every grocery store in the southern part of the United States. Even though RC Cola is sold today all over the United States, it is still viewed by many southerners with pride as being ‘their’ beverage.

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When RC Cola was first introduced in 1905, it was not RC Cola, but rather Chero-Cola. As the soda became more popular, it was reformulated by a chemist who later changed the name to RC Cola. Throughout the south after its introduction, RC Cola was typically associated with moon pies, being the lunch of choice for many working men due to the soda and cakes’ low price. What made this soda even more popular in 1954 was when it made a critical change that took the entire soda industry by storm – offering their soda in an aluminum can. As well, in 1958, they introduced the very first diet drink, known as Diet Rite, which contained no calories and could be drunk by nearly anyone.

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Even though RC Cola is now bought by using Dr Pepper Coupons which is owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Corporation, it still uses the same formula and has the same great taste that everyone remembered growing up to. Each of RC Cola’s brands, including their diet soda, has its own distinct taste that has put them above the competition, allowing them to compete in a variety of different markets. As well, RC Cola has prided themselves as being ahead of their times, creating the first of many drinks that are on the market, as well as once again reintroducing cola that was made with pure sugar cane in the 1990s.

Currently, there are seven varieties of RC Cola that is currently being sold in the United States. Probably the most popular of these colas would be Diet Rite. As one of the original diet sodas many people swear to this day that it is the best diet drink and is still one of the cheapest that can be bought out of all of the name brand sodas. RC Cola is also proud to offer sodas that are cherry flavored and do not have caffeine.

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