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Red Bull is an energy drink that hails from Austria, and was the first energy drink introduced to the U.S. market. Dietrich Mateschitz created Red Bull in 1987 after visiting Thailand and quaffing an Asian energy drink called called Krating Daeng. Mateschitz modified the drink to suit Western palates, but kept the meaning of its name and translated it into a rough English equivalent of Red Bull.

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The slogan for Red Bull is "Red Bull gives you wings,” and the logo features two red bulls facing off in front of a background of a yellow sun. The energy drink took off in Europe shortly after its introduction. However, Red Bull did not fly its way over the America until ten years after its introduction in 1997. Save money on energy drinks with online Red Bull energy drink coupons.

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Red Bull’s formula contains taurine, caffeine, sucrose and other energy-giving ingredients. However, some countries ban the use of taurine, and the Red Bull formula has been modified to allow the sale of the energy drink in those countries. A 250-milliliter can of Red Bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine, which approximates the amount of caffeine found in one regular cup of coffee.

Red Bull is sold in slim blue-and-silver cans, and is available in several varieties: Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugarfree, Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Cola. The cola contains the coca leaf, which is also used to make cocaine, harkening back to the early years of soda made with cocaine by the Coca-Cola company. Save money on the non-energized soda with online Coca-Cola coupons.

Since its introduction, Red Bull has maintained its position as market leader in the U.S. for energy drinks. Red Bull sells three billion cans of its product each year. Red Bull is sold in 167 countries, including Thailand, where the idea for the energy drink was adapted from originally. Red Bull sponsors a slew of sporting events, and professional athletes such as Reggie Bush from the National Football League have endorsed the product.

In 2010, Red Bull opened the Red Bull Arena in New York for its soccer team, the New York Red Bulls. Give your bank account a kick with more energy than a professional soccer player by saving money with online Red Bull energy drink coupons. Other options for energy drinks besides Red Bull include Monster Energy and AMP Energy. Save money on those brands with Monster Energy coupons and AMP Energy coupons.